Tasting The Road

explore the land of the Incas by bicycle  

Tasting The Road

guided bike tours in Peru – a unique experience  

Tasting The Road

cycling, culture and gastronomy – a delicious combination  

Tasting The Road

from a half day city tour to multiple day bike adventures

private bike tours & original Peruvian food

bike experts in peru


Experience incredible landscapes, breathtaking views, exciting challenges for the biker in you, ancient Peruvian culture and delicious authentic food. Tasting The Road offers a great variety of bicycle tours in the Cusco area, the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Valle Sagrado), Machu Picchu and other interesting places in Peru. Tasting The Road stands for exciting bike tours in Peru with high quality bikes and equipment, tours which are designed, chosen, tested and guided by cyclists for cyclists and any other people interested in exploring this beautiful country by bike, combined with an authentic Peruvian culinary experience. Whether you are and experienced cyclist or a beginner, whether you prefer a mountain bike or road bike tour, or want to feel the adrenalin rush of a downhill track in the Andes: We are ready to find the right tour for you and show you this amazing country from a biker’s perspective. Get taste of the road in Peru!! 🙂

Tasting The Road tours & programs

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