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Welcome 2014!

The first ride this year, such an experience, a nice start with an amazing group of people! The beginning of a new year is always a nice reason to go for something new, no matter the difficulties. It’s like a ride, you always start with all your energy, I guess... read more

The story of a dream

So here we were, trying to find a nice way to enjoy our life, and the question was: What are the best choices? Definitely one of the best answers is to make something that we feel passionate about, that moves our bodies and our souls. And what moves you? I’ve... read more


Today I’m in a tender boat, waiting to go ashore for a nice view, a Greek beer and some quiet time, yet I can not go out with my bike because of the tender. It will be a good excuse to try to be a regular crew or just a tourist, I’m not sure if I like this... read more
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We are two bike enthusiasts, committed to show you the beauty of Peru and it's delicious flavors apart from mainstream tourism.

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