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Flavors of Cusco – exploring the former Inca capital by bike

Flavors of Cusco – exploring the former Inca capital by bike

When you arrive at a new place and you start thinking of something nice to do and what to see around, most of the time the first answer would be a city tour. It is one of the best choices wherever you go, and there are so many ways to make it: walking around on your own or with a guided group, driving around on a tourist sightseeing bus, or why not on a bicycle? Yes, a city bicycle tour in Cusco, Tasting The Road style…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABiking around this beautiful city, the small streets and the ancient Inca buildings, embellished by all kinds of exotic flavors: That should be an amazing experience, which nobody has done here in Cusco before!

So how can we show the city of Cusco to our visitors? When we started thinking about a city bike tour, some of the first ideas were of course the places to visit. We wanted to create a bike tour through the ancient city, the typical narrow streets, the colonial balconies, the main square with its old churches, and make a transition to the modern city, the markets, the main avenues, the stadium and all the architecture that is part of a growing city. As cyclists we enjoy the adventure, and this one is a unique and fun one.

Riding a bike in the streets of Cusco is fun, driving in the typical traffic, seeing the colors of the markets, hearing the music coming out of the stores and cars, talking with the local people, tasting the food and drinks around, what a pleasure in the former capital of the Inca empire.

Take the chance and enjoy the only one of its kind, the most exciting Cusco city tour, by bicycle. Taste the flavors of Cusco in the most exciting trip around this wonderful city.

Maria & Steffen

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  1. Traverse the ruins and history of Cusco from the cultural remnants of the Inca to the architectural footprints of the Spanish


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