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A German in the land of the Incas

A German in the land of the Incas

I am originally a road biker, with many years of cycling around Germany and Europe, enjoying the wonderful roads, the seasons in my country, the different colors of spring, summer, fall and winter, and the way it feels to be out there on my bike in these different times of the year: the air, the light, the smells, my body.

german in the land of the incas

preparing for a downhill ride

When Maria and I met on the ship in Europe, we got to know this feeling together, the roads and places in Italy, France, Spain and Mallorca, and how it feels to be out there on road bikes. Since I came to Peru in the end of 2013, I am the one getting to know a different way of cycling, a whole different country with the people, the culture, the amazing landscapes and an great variety of local food. I am also learning a lot about Downhill biking from Maria, something I had never tried before coming to Peru. It’s so different from road cycling, a whole different challenge to your mind and body, and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Every time we are going out on our bikes for a ride, I am amazed by the sheer endless opportunities for riding your bike in Peru. Whether it is mountain biking, downhill biking, road biking, enduro or cross country (cyclo cross), you can always find various exciting options to enjoy an interesting and unique tour. While enduro and downhill biking are very popular among locals and visitors, and have quite a nice tradition as a sport in the Cusco area, it feels like road biking is still kinda new here. But due to the fact that more and more roads are being rebuilt or re-surfaced with asphalt now, and new, high quality roads to other wonderful destinations are being constructed, there is a lot of potential for this sport here as well. We are very proud to be one of the first agencies to offer road bike tours and be able to provide road bikes for our guests. I’m enjoying the trips around here, not only for training purposes. There’s so much to discover, so many exciting things to see on the way. Cycling in the altitude can definitely be a challenge, but the breathtaking views, the landscapes, the culture and the delicious food always more than compensate you for your efforts.

road cycling around Cusco

We have a very nice little community of local riders here, some of the old guys have been doing road cycling for a long time, and I really enjoy hearing their stories from the past and getting insider tips on routes and places to discover by bike from them. One of the things we are going to do in this blog is share our stories, about how it all started and what obstacles we had to overcome in order to make our dream happen. I hope you will enjoy these stories as much as I enjoy the ones from the old cyclists here in Cusco 🙂

Our most important ambition with Tasting The Road is to share our biking experiences with you, our guests from all over the world, and show you this beautiful country in all its colors and flavors from a biker’s perspective, in an environmental friendly way, apart from mainstream tourism.

enjoying the land of the incas

Join us and feel the taste of the road here in Peru, we are looking forward to prepare your dream bike adventure through the land of the Incas!


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