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Today I’m in a tender boat, waiting to go ashore for a nice view, a Greek beer and some quiet time, yet I can not go out with my bike because of the tender. It will be a good excuse to try to be a regular crew or just a tourist, I’m not sure if I like this kind of travel… So let’s try… I mean some Internet, some beer…. Jajaja and some food maybe… After a while at the bar, I met some nice people and I found so much in common with the way of life back home… I like it a lot… And I guess now i see that life has so many things to show us all over the world… The people are the same, the beliefs are the same, the expectations are the same, and probably the disappointments are the same. I really enjoy the fact that people all over the world see life in similar ways, even if the sunset is in a different time.

I took a shot of something called “apalarina mastiha” which is a kind of drink, P9130260 - Copy (3)sweet and strong at the same time… Interesting, I have to say, I found such a connection with this feeling in my mouth and my heart and all that I’m living now… The sunset is just a dream, the colors are so warm and invite you to a relax and travel to the sky… Back home we have sunsets like this, in the mountains on a day where the sky is clear and empty of clouds… I remember a time when I made a trip, a cycling trip of course, where we were supposed to start the ride early morning, when the air is difficult to breathe because of the cold and the altitude… But we didn’t make it, so we left in the afternoon, quite late for this, but still the bike can not be left behind…The idea was to go to Pisaq from Cusco city, including the climb in the pass for the sacred valley. So we started after lunch, pedaling slowly, and the first climb was hard to push at this altitude, but believe me it is the best way to warm up. A quick decision for a route to take, we decided to push strong but short…. Seriously? We should take the other one, but we are here and there is no chance to regret.

Pushing and climbing, pedaling and breathing the mountain air, the feeling of the oxygen entering our muscles, what a sensation… You really need to be a cyclist to enjoy this feeling, the satisfaction to reach the top of the mountain and see the town below your feet, it is the best view!! We crossed the road next to the fortress of Saqsayhuaman. The fortress belongs to the Inca culture; from what history tells us the walls of this fortress have the perfect view of the capital of the empire and strong enough to protect it from any possible attacks. Just the view is impressive, the construction and the size of the place gives us an idea of the power of the people who built it. Nature can mix our feelings, everything around this area is a part of the history, and it is unbelievable how we can live in the middle of everything that has happened… Between all the legends alive in these monuments, the legacy of a culture left behind in their buildings. We keep pedaling and we cross Q’enqo, which is another Inca archeological site. Our plan is to pass four of the most important sites around the city, all of them built with a particular reason but now they are part of the classic city tour in Cusco. Keep pedaling and the view changes. At this time of the year the land has a yellow color, the weather is especially dry and cold, but the scenery still has a magic touch. Here we can smell the potatoes and boiled corn coming from the houses along the road… Yes, we have to stop for a taste… And drink plenty of water, but that will be later. The people in this area are always nice and meet you with a big smile, offering you their handmade products, and water fresh and cold, you must be extra careful, as the sun is strong at this altitude. When we pass their smile is still there, and they shake their hands as a gesture of happiness, we begin to feel strong and powerful just because of that, especially from the kids that run next to us…. I’m feeling like I ride in the Tour de France!! Now we cross Puca Pucara, and the entrance of Tambomachay, it is part of the city tour of this beautiful site. Now we feel that we are close to the top, the view and the road start talking to us.

The rhythm of the bike is already fixed, our legs just keep moving and the climb is less challenging. On our right are the high lands of the city, and on our left are the huge Andean mountains, and in the middle is the road on the way to the top. After a couple of minutes we can see the top and the end of the road with the pass between the mountains. So we keep pedaling and on the way we pass the entrance to a downhill road, famous here because it is a road for those who want to start practicing this risky sport, but we will talk about that on some other occasion.  Close to the top, the sun shows us the time, it should be close to sunset, so we need to hurry up… Finally we reach the top after few more minutes, and yes, stop for one of the best pictures in the area, we drink more water and we are ready to go down. The downhill from here is wonderful, with lots of curves but also dangerous and exciting, like a nice girl… If you know what I mean! The sunset catches us on the way down, we pedal hard to arrive in Pisaq… Here again, the colors remind me so much of home… The alcohol is making me feel dizzy and I need to go, and so much is coming into my head even now, still this trip cannot be finished until I eat something… Like in Pisaq a corn with cheese, a typical combination, tasty and perfect for the ride. Here I went to a place for a sandwich, the place was a recommendation of my new friend, and it was a great idea, I walked back to the tender, eating and enjoying the view of the port. I will be back soon…. Next time, with my bike, for sure…



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