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Pisco Tasting Night

Pisco Tasting Night
Pisco Tasting Night

Pisco Tasting Night

One of the things we like to do with our guests is surprise them. This time, we organized a Pisco tasting!! Yes, we went to the Museo Del Pisco in Cusco. First, we should say that the idea to make something like this comes from a long time ago. One of my best friends, Aybe Domenech, introduced me to the Pisco world. I, like many people who have never had the chance to taste a good Pisco, said: I don’t like Pisco, it’s too strong and has no taste. Wrong, and now I can see it!

My good friend Aybe is nothing less than one of the most recognized Pisco experts in Peru, she has years of experience researching about this beverage, from the moment of the harvest of the grapes until the fine final product. When she made me try a Pisco for the first time, choosing a nice one for an amateur like me, I had an amazing sensation in my mouth… the smooth way the alcohol mixed with my saliva, and the warm feeling afterwards in my throat, no stomach burn and the best, the aroma and the flavor. Oh gosh, this Pisco had an actual flavor I thought… After this first time I started to get curious about this type of brandy, I wanted to know more and try more.

Museo Del Pisco - Cusco

Museo Del Pisco – Cusco

To be honest, I am not a big drinker, I get drunk really fast and I hate hangovers, I usually get very bad ones. But I found that with a good Pisco, I have no hangover. So the experimenting started, under the guidance of my friend. She took the time to teach me about the different characteristics of all the types of grapes you can make Pisco of, the mixes, and the best brands and small producers of Peruvian Pisco. We spent beautiful moments finding new aromas, playing with ingredients in the kitchen, mixing them and trying to find a good way to combine Pisco and food… tip: For me it goes great with chocolate!

So at some point after all this experimenting and learning, I also had the opportunity to take an actual course with Aybe, to get a proper training to be able to guide a Pisco Cata.

It was at that time when the first idea of a Tasting the Road Pisco tasting came to my head, perfect for an evening after a tour, a nice touch to end a day with a different Peruvian experience.

Pisco Cata

Pisco Cata with Israel

I went to the Museo del Pisco and talked with the people in charge in order to organize a Pisco tasting for our friends and us. After we finished a tour through the city, we went there and they had an amazing selection of Piscos prepared for us. Israel, who took care of us that night, gave us a very detailed and knowledgable explanation about the origin and all the necessary steps to produce a nice Pisco, the different kind of grapes that are used, and their characteristics. After that, we tried five different kinds of Pisco, discovering those particular details of aroma and flavor in each one, and of course finding our favorites.

tasting Pisco with our friends

exploring the world of Piscos with our friends

We enjoyed a beautiful night. A beautiful aspect of Pisco tasting is that everyone can relate the smells to their particular memories of life, and those memories come out with different words from everybody, one tasting is never the same as another, even if you have the same Piscos. It’s so interesting how people respond to this, and sharing those memories enriched the experience for everyone.

Thanks to our friends Alison and Kyle for sharing this event with us, and to the Museo del Pisco in Cusco for the great atmosphere and their service. Dear reader, allow us to invite you to try this unique experience with Tasting The Road.

Cheers from Cusco!

Cheers from Cusco!


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  1. I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.


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