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Tasting The Road sponsor German cycling team

Tasting The Road sponsor German cycling team
Schöne Beine Potsdam design 2014

Schöne Beine Potsdam design 2014

Maria and I are very proud to have become one of the main sponsors of my German home team Schöne Beine Potsdam last year. A new, beautiful bike wear edition was designed and arrived in October, Tasting The Road’s logo appears on the chest as well as on the back of the jerseys. The people at Texmarket, the Italian manufacturer of our choice, did a wonderful job and we are very happy with how our new bike wear looks and fits.

Schöne Beine Mallorca 2015

Schöne Beine Potsdam training camp Mallorca 2015

Team Schöne Beine Potsdam (yes, “schöne Beine” actually means pretty legs!) was founded by a group of friends and cycling enthusiasts in Potsdam/Germany in late 2007. We started getting together at least every Sunday for a nice road bike ride around Potsdam, then later on some of us began to participate in non-professional races like the Velothon Berlin or the Hamburg Cyclassics, which became regular events in our season calendar over years. The team has grown into a wonderful group of up to 14 riders, most of them still living in Potsdam or Berlin. Some of us are getting more into time trial events or triathlon these days, some have moved to other parts of Germany and Europe, but are still members and participate in our activities whenever they can.

beautiful weather, rides and amazing views in Mallorca

beautiful weather, great rides and amazing views in Mallorca/Spain

During an early training camp, which I had the pleasure to participate in while visiting Germany, five of our team members had the chance to enjoy our new bike wear together on the beautiful island of Mallorca/Spain in February. I have been absent from most of the Schöne Beine Potsdam activities at home since I started working on a cruise ship in 2011 and then moved to Peru in the end of 2013, that’s why I was particularly happy when I could join this one-week cycling getaway.

When I came back to Peru in March, I not only brought my set of Schöne Beine Potsdam bike wear, but also had one for Maria in my suitcase. She was really happy about it and we’ve been wearing it frequently on our rides ever since. So in a way, the team is also present here on the other side of the world. One of my main goals and wishes for the future is that one day my friends will get the chance to come over to visit us for some serious altitude training and a wonderful Schöne Beine bike vacation here in Peru. Fingers crossed, hugs and greetings to Germany from Cusco!!

enjoying the mountain panorama near Abra Pirhuayani

enjoying the mountain panorama near Abra Pirhuayani/Peru

Maria & Steffen

– Photos 1, 2 and 3 courtesy of Nippi and Schöne Beine Potsdam, thank you guys!!

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