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The story of a dream

The story of a dream

So here we were, trying to find a nice way to enjoy our life, and the question was: What are the best choices?

Definitely one of the best answers is to make something that we feel passionate about, that moves our bodies and our souls. And what moves you?

I’ve been asking myself this question so many times, and when I met Steffen, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, I found another passion in my life. Our love, our dreams got together on the roads of these countries and the taste of their typical dishes.


We went with our bikes to visit different places and found the main reason of making this together… “We love each other, and we both love cycling and good food…”

An amazing way to enjoy the world is on a bicycle, this machine with just two wheels, moved by our own power, the power of our heart and our legs in every pedal stroke. Cycling in Peru makes you see the people, the places, the mountains and landscapes, the culture and everyday life from a different perspective. But how come you can keep riding without a proper charge of your energy, some good food, the fuel for your body, and of course why not make this experience also the best complement for the road?

In every stop there is always something new, or at least it has been for me, even the direction, do I have to take a right? Or a left? Should I go up, or better down, east or west, north or south? There was always a road going somewhere, and on every road there was something nice to taste, and of course everything tastes better when you are with your special companion.


When you travel around, whether you do it because of work, vacation, or any other possible reason, and if you are a curious person, riding a bike is a great way to meet people, get to know them, talk to them or share with them, or maybe just see them from afar. But not only the people who travel like to ride bikes, the people in every single place have a different way to see cyclists, even the bikes are different, the way they take care of them and the way they use them. I was born in Peru, during my childhood I found my favorite toy… my bike, I learned how to ride and some years later, when my family moved from the capital (Lima) to Cusco I learned how to fall down with a new style… Haha… I got to taste the roads in these beautiful mountains, and immediately I became an addict to the adrenaline and the beauty of the landscapes, the trails and the people, the towns on the way and all the spectacular experiences. So if you like downhill, cross country, or just pedaling on the road, this is still the best place to be, don’t miss the chance and come to join a ride… And of course, take a break, get to know the culture and our fantastic food in one of the most blessed places in the world….

Welcome to Cusco/Peru – the land of the Incas, taste the road and tell us your opinion!


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