Delicious Sacred Valley

3-day road bike tour through the Sacred Valley of the Incas

The Tour

In this Tasting The Road tour, we are going to take you on an unforgettable road bike adventure in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Duration: 3-day road bike tour, approx. 60 km / 37 miles per day

Level of difficulty: beginners and higher, road bike experience required

Number of participants: 1 – 8 (please contact us if you want to book a bigger group)

Day 1 (approx. 50 km / 31 miles on bike, first 15 km / 9.3 miles climb, afterwards descent and flat):

Our private transport picks you up from your hotel in Cusco after breakfast early in the morning. The bikes are loaded on the roof, we are leaving the city and go to a small town named Poroy (approx. 20 min from Cusco). Here we get our bikes ready, mount our water bottles, go through the safety briefing, and start our ride. On our way, we can appreciate the wonderful view on some of the snow mountains beyond the Sacred Valley, we cross typical small villages and get closer to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Our first stop is the town of Chinchero, famous for its archeological site, the picturesque church and the weaving ladies from various communities that form the population of this place. These women use ancient techniques for the production of her textiles, starting from the pure sheep and alpaca wool, through the process of washing it with soap water made from native roots, the natural coloring of the threads and finally the hand weaving of traditional ponchos, chullos (andean hats with earflaps), amazing table clothes, bags, purses, warm gloves and socks. After learning about the life and work of these women, we enjoy their delicious lunch, prepared with typical products from this region. Now we are ready to continue our ride. Leaving Chinchero, we are back on the main road and enjoy an exciting descent all the way to Urubamba in the heart of the Sacred Valley. Once at our hotel, we get off our bikes and take a hot shower, relax a little bit and get ready for dinner. If we still have some energy left, we can go for a nice evening walk through the town. An early bed time is going to help us recover for the next day.

Day 2 (approx. 55 km / 34.2 miles on bike, mainly flat, last 8 km / 5 miles climb):

We wake up early and get back on our bikes directly after a good breakfast. First thing is a safety briefing about traffic and road conditions, along with information about the places and the diversity of local agricultural products, so you can recognize them on the way. We start riding from Urubamba all the way to Pisaq, a small town famous for its colorful market. Back in the days, this place was well-known among the locals because they came here for the so-called “trueque” each weekend, an exchange of their products without the use of money. This way, everyone got to profit from the agricultural variety of the valley. Pisaq is furthermore well-known for its beautiful church, where the mass could be heard in Quechua language. We drink lots of water and have a snack (sandwich??) in order to recharge some energy before we climb to the archeological site up in the mountains. After this 8 km / 5 mile climb, we leave our bikes, change shoes and take a guided visit to this impressive Inca complex. During the visit, we learn more about the Inca culture and enjoy the amazing view on the Sacred Valley from the heights of this citadel. We drive back down into the town in our private transportation and take a typical Peruvian lunch. Afterwards in our hotel, we take our time for a hot shower and relax a little bit. Later on, we can visit the town and the market more in detail and have dinner together at a local restaurant. Time to get back to our hotel after an eventful day and get some rest. There is also the opportunity to enjoy the spa facilities of our hotel, for example the sauna or the inside pool, or to schedule a relaxing massage (not included). Have a good night and see you tomorrow.

Day 3 (approx. 35 km on bike, first 20 km / 12.4 miles climb, afterwards mainly descending):

Today is the last day of our adventure, we leave the hotel early after an ample breakfast. The first part of our ride is a 20 km / 12.5 mile climb, going in a zig zag all the way up to a mountain pass between the Sacred Valley and the city of Cusco, the so-called Abra Ccorao. We can see Cusco from here, take a short break and a snack, lots of water and some incredible fotos. Now our bikes take us down to the next stop of today’s tour, the archeological complex of Tambomachay, the first of the famous “4 Ruins” outside the former Inca capital. We take a guided tour through the ruins and move on to the next stop, the archeological site of Puca Pucara, where we also get a tour with our private guide. From here, there is a small climb and then a longer descent to the next important Inca temple, Q’enqo. We learn a lot of interesting facts from our private guide, before we move on and enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant. Our last visit is the main Inca fortress of Cusco called Sacsayhuaman, an enormous complex full of ancient history and countless stories. One more time we get on our bikes and descent all the way into the historical center of the city, with a short stop at San Cristobal church. Our ride finishes at the famous Plaza de Armas, where we can take a final group picture. We cheer to a wonderful 3-day ride with Peruvian beers and enjoy a delicious Peruvian dessert, the perfect way to finish our adventure and say goodbye. Our private transportation drops you off at your hotel, thank you very much for choosing Tasting The Road!!


Day 1

07:00 am – pick up guests from hotel in Cusco, drive to Poroy

08:00 am – start bike ride to Chinchero

10:00 am – arrival in Chinchero

10:15 am – visit of the archeological site and the church of Chinchero

11:30 pm – presentation of weaving ladies, fotos, shopping (optional) and lunch

01:00 pm – departure from Chinchero and descent to Urubamba (Sacred Valley)

03:00 pm – arrival in Urubamba and hotel La Capilla Lodge, free time

06:00 pm – dinner at hotel

07:00 pm – free time (optional walk through Urubamba), rest

Day 2

07:00 am – breakfast at hotel

08:30 am – begin bike ride to Pisaq

10:30 am – arrival at the town of Pisaq, snacks, begin ascent to ruins

12:00 pm – arrival at archeological site, change of shoes and guided visit

02:00 pm – descent into town by car

02:30 pm – typical Peruvian lunch

03:30 pm – check into hotel Royal Inka Pisaq

05:00 pm – visit of town and handicraft market

07:30 pm – dinner at local restaurant in town

09:00 pm – rest

Day 3

07:00 am – breakfast at hotel

08:00 am – check out of hotel

08:30 am – departure from Pisaq on bikes, begin ascent to Cusco

11:00 am – arrival at Ccorao mountain pass, end of climb

11:20 am – guided visit of Tambomachay

12:00 pm – guided visit of Puca Pucara

01:00 pm – guided visit of Q’enqo

02:00 pm – typical Peruvian lunch

03:00 pm – guided visit of Sacsayhuaman

05:00 pm – stop at San Cristobal church

05:30 pm – arrival at Plaza de Armas in Cusco, cheers with Peruvian beer, group fotos

06:00 pm – typical Peruvian dessert: Picarones, drop off guests at hotel


1 guest: $ 1600.00 USD per person

2 guests: $ 1000.00 USD per person

3 guests: $   800.00 USD per person

4 guests: $   700.00 USD per person

5 – 9 guests: $ 650.00 USD per person


two English speaking road bike guides, private transport with driver for three days (also safety car for our bike group), road bike rental for three days, safety equipment (helmet, gloves, safety vest), snacks, water and sports drinks for three days, breakfast days 2 + 3, typical Peruvian lunch days 1, 2 + 3, dinner days 1 + 2, Peruvian dessert day 3, one Peruvian beer per guest day 3, overnight in hotel days 1 + 2, full coverage with bike tubes and tires, spare parts and tools, one original Tasting The Road road bike jersey “Peru 2016” for each participant, first aid kit & oxygen

Not included: boleto turístico general – tourist ticket (S/. 140 Soles – approx. $ 43.00 USD, includes entrance to all the archeological sites we visit on this tour)

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