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Welcome 2014!

Welcome 2014!

The first ride this year, such an experience, a nice start with an amazing group of people! The beginning of a new year is always a nice reason to go for something new, no matter the difficulties. It’s like a ride, you always start with all your energy, I guess the trick is to get a rhythm and keep going for the rest of the way, like a climb up… So at the end you will be tired, yes… But you will be on the top of the mountain.


That is the statement of this year, go to the top! And I guess this ride showed us something really interesting. We pedaled up very nicely, a smooth ride, kinda hard for some of us, not quite as hard for others, but the satisfaction was in their faces when we reached the first stop, an old church, home of a saint called San Cristobal, also part of the temple of the first Inca Manco Capac. A nice view of the city, particularly the historical center of Cusco. At this point our group was very enthusiastic, we took some nice pictures and drank lots of water, so we could continue our trip. Next stop: Sacksayhuaman, an Inca fortress, and the head of the Puma. (The old City of Cusco was designed in the shape of a Puma, and this fortress represents its head)

The weather was nice at this point, not too much sun, but no rain either, so let’s keep going higher. However, when the group met at the entrance of the fortress, the rain decided to showed up – and never stop! We waited and waited, hearing the first thunders of the storm, we figured already that we are gonna get wet… So after a while we decided to go, and the pedaling in the rain started… So much fun, and so much cold… I guess it was the challenge of the day… The landscape in this area is just so amazing, I can’t get tired of the green of the trees, the smell, the sensation to be in a different time… Watching the Inca walls, their magnificent construction, trying to imagine how this place used to be 500 years ago, with the Inca’s soldiers going around, and the workers moving those incredible big rocks… Their colors, along with the ever beautiful sky in this altitude – of course at this point it was gray, but even in the rain I like the sky up here so much – I could probably be really worry with this kind of sky if I was at sea… and everything is so much better on a bicycle…

The fusion between the ancient and the present is something so nice and interesting, in every place I’ve been I have the same sensation… Our ancestors, the people who were here before us, the ones who ran these places before… 500 years ago… They managed to be on the top, the best views, the Romans, Greeks, and the Incas here, the harmony with the nature in this place… Something we should learn…

Coming back to the city… Using some stairs to make a short-cut, some old, stone stairs; going down to one of the most typical neighborhoods in the heart of Cusco… The streets, narrow, surrounded by these tiny and nice houses, with blue balconies, the base made of inca stones, and the upper part of colonial architecture… Just unique!

The rain was giving us cold chills, my pants were soaked, but the spirit could use some more biking…

P8090094Finishing the ride with our guests’ favorite stop that day, a nice peruvian dessert: Picarones!! And a shot (or two) of Pisco, toast to the ride, to a happy new year! Welcome 2014, we are ready for more…



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